Additions to General Websites

3 tenets of Silphium Design LLC Websites

ADA Compliance

Websites produced by Silphium Design LLC are designed with WCAG 2.1 AA requirements in mind, which are considered the benchmark for accessibility.

Privacy Compliant

Each website is required to have at least a privacy policy. These policies state the use of user’s data and compliance with GDPR/CCPA and COPPA.


Silphium Design makes sure that websites are served using https and plugins used in your website are up-to-date and being maintained by the creators. Out of date plugins can expose your website to security issues.

Pricing for Silphium Websites

Cup Plant

Basic Website

$750+ $200/page


– Domain Name Registration (1yr)
– 1 yr Maintenance and Hosting
– Site from Kadence or OceanWP Template
– 5 pages included
– Contact Form
– Social Media
– stock images


Intermediate Website

$1,000+ $200/page


– Cup Plant features plus

– Matomo Analytics
– Custom Images
– Mailing List Plugin
– Sitemap
– Open Streetmap Maps
– One extra feature

Compass Plant

Advanced Website

$1,500+ $200/page


– Rosinweed features plus

– eCommerce Sites
– Training in WordPress
– Two extra features

  • Website Maintenance costs $30/month plus hosting fees and includes plugin management and updates.