Open Source Consulting at Silphium Design LLC     

Silphium Design LLC is able to consult on Open Source software solutions.  Examples include:

  • WordPress:  The software that created this website.
  • OpenStreetMap:  Alternative to Google Maps.
  • GnuCash:  Accounting Software that is an alternative to Quick Books for small businesses.
  • Linux:  Most of the Linux distributions are this software.
  • QGIS:  Alternative to ArcMap for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • And many more:  there are many other software solutions.  A directory of them can be found at SourceForge and Wikipedia.

     Contact Silphium Design LLC for information on setting up your software.  Rates for consulting are hourly but can be negotiated for large groups.

Blue and White WordPress Logo (Open Source Example)
WordPress Logo (An example of Open Source software on which this website runs)