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9 ways a website can help your small business

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Count on Silphium Design to help grow your business

Silphium Design LLC can help you design the best website for your business. Give us call at 814-775-0005 to start growing your website today! Below are nine ways that a small business website can benefit your business.

1. Establish your Brand Identity

Your brand identity can be established by using combinations of colors, a logo, a tagline, font styles, and images. Having an online face of your business and can show your credibility as a business. Promoting a unique set of the above shows your brand not only online, but can spread offline as well with consistency.

2. Gives your Business a Professional Appearance

It shows that your business is established and that you are serious about the business and not here today and gone tomorrow. The website contents show that you care about the business and want it to thrive and are in it for the long-haul and always findable.

3. Gives Ownership of your Business Name

Having a domain name with your business name will show that you have ownership of that name, since the domain name is yours if you keep it registered. If there is a disagreement about your name or an infringement dispute you can show that you were using the name and own the domain rights.

4. Helps Generate Leads

Customers become more aware of your business by going to your website. This can result in increased leads sparking interest in your business. Website visits also produces data through analytics on prospective customers and give you insight on trending products and interest in specials and events. Focusing on those areas generating the most interest can help increase your leads. Just remember to have a privacy policy and keep the customer’s data secure.

5. More Convenient for your Customers

Being able to view your products and services from your website makes it more convenient for your customers to shop on their schedule and in a comfortable situation. If the customer sees something they like or are interested in, they are more focused when coming to the store or contacting you. Prospective customers can see if your business is the right fit, making them a more targeted customer.

6. Increase the Size of Your Market

Having a website helps to increase the size of your market beyond the reach of your local market. People from the region and around the world are able to see what your business has to offer and you do not have to rely on just foot traffic.

7. 24/7 Advertising for your Business

A website provides relatively cheap and dynamic advertising for your business 24/7. When you are closed, your it is still working for your business promoting your brand. If you have an eCommerce business or component, your website can still be making sales even when the physical business is closed for the day.

A blog provides a publishing outlet for you to promote the latest products and can establish the business as an authority and influence in your industry. It can also highlight and provide information on the latest products.

8. Provides Customer Service

A website can be a place where you can post frequently asked questions (FAQ), a forum, or place documentation about your products. This way customers will be able to find information when they need it and not just during business hours. This results in increased convenience for the customer and can establish your business as an authority in your area.

9. Consolidates your Social Media

Being able to find all of your social media accounts in one place on your website can increase engagement in all of your channels. Share and like buttons further increase your visibility. Your blog can be published to social media and vice versa with your social media sending traffic to your website.

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